From repairs to the addition of new zones, we do it all!

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At All County Irrigation & Outdoor Lighting, our mission is to deliver each customer with a pleasant business experience.

We design each job to meet the specifications of our customers and their landscape needs. Whether it be irrigation or outdoor lighting, we understand the importance of providing you with a lush and beautiful yard day or evening.

All County Irrigation only uses top quality products such as Hunter, Toro, Cast & Unique. A job is only as good as the products installed. All parts are guaranteed or will be replaced without charge.






  Destroyed valves and pipes?

  Don't let years of neglect destroy your system.

  Let us maintain your system and keep it working properly!





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  Not getting good coverage?

  All County offers spring activations where we run through your whole system and adjust any and all heads.

  If you don't need your system activated, we are more than happy to send a technician out to help your

  property get the proper coverage, give us a call! 






  Drip Irrigation

  Save water and fertilizer by allowing water to drip slowly to the roots of your plants!






  Low water pressure in your sprinklers?

  Mother Nature and its roots can sometimes find its way into your pipes.

  Let All County replace these pipes and restore the water pressure in your sprinklers!




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  Installation of new zones and sprinkler heads

  Sometimes the addition of new zones or heads is necessary. All County installs all different types of rotary sprinkler heads available in heights from shrub to 12".   

  Our pop-up sprinklers rotate silently, then disappear when the job is done.   






  Have squirrels damaged your property?

  These pesky critters chew through anything and everything.

  Let All County replace any pipes that they get their hands on!




  Have you ever run over a sprinkler head?

  Let All County Landscaping beautify and maintain your home!

  They won't run over any sprinkler heads but if you have, we

  can easily replace them.